For the past ten years, we've had the good fortune of ordering thousands of bulbs from A.D.R. each fall to help further beautify Newport, RI. Not only is the quality of the bulbs outstanding, so is their customer service and attention to detail.

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Scilla Litardierei 'Amethystina'

Siberian Squill

  • »  Bloom in early spring
  • »  Each bulb produces 3-4 stems, with 3-5 flowers per stem

Description Price
10 Retail Packages of 20 Bulbs, Size 6+ $58.00
Bin Display Box of 250 Bulbs, Size 6+ $62.00
Bulk Tray of 2500 Bulbs, Size 6+ $400.00
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When should I plant Scilla Litardierei 'Amethystina'?
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Growing and Maintenance Tips for Scilla Litardierei 'Amethystina'

Planting Depth: 4" (10cm) Spacing: 3-4" (7.5-10cm) Bloom Duration: 3 weeks

Additional Information
Height 8 Inches
Spread 1-2 Inches
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Color Blue
Detailed Description for Scilla Litardierei 'Amethystina'

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