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Colocasia Esculenta Coco (Ships in Spring)

Elephant Ear

Description Price
Bulk Tray of 45 Bulbs, Size 11/13 $99.00
Bulk Tray of 140 Bulbs, Size 7/9 $109.20
Bulk Tray of 27 Bulbs, Size 13/15 $110.70
Bulk Tray of 10 Bulbs, Size 17/19 $112.00
Bulk Tray of 85 Bulbs, Size 9/11 $134.30
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Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 8-11
Color Green
Detailed Description for Colocasia Esculenta Coco (Ships in Spring)

Elephant Ears boast immense, spectacular foliage for planting in full sun to partial shade. These bulbs are also excellent additions to the landscape or when planted in large containers. In colder climates the elephant ear can be taken inside in a pot during the winter and kept Green as a foliage (house) plant.