Growing Instructions For Cannas

Flower colour: white, orange, yellow, pink, red, bicolor.
Flowering period: August-October
Average plant height: 80 -200 cm
Planting depth to base of bulbs: just deep enough to cover with soil
Spacing between bulbs: 30 cm
Type of bulb: rhizome
Light requirements: sun is essential (full AM sun)
Landscape uses: containers and borders

In warm climate zones Canna is perennial. In other areas the rhizomes should be lifted and stored in sand or peat.

Principal varieties:

Green-leafed varieties:
'City of Portland' - pink
'Richard Wallace' - yellow
'Rosemond Coles' - red, yellow-edged.
'President' - bright red

Dwarf (50-80cm) green-leafed varieties:
'Orchid' - pink
'Lucifer' - red
'Primrose Yellow' - yellow

Brown-leaved varieties:
'Roi Humbert' - orange/red
'Wyoming' - orange
'Black Knight' - red

Dwarf brown-leaved varieties:
'Ingeborg' - salmon pink