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After a period of declining health, but still suddenly, we are saddened to announce the passing of our founder.

Simon Wilhelmus Ruigrok


August 23rd 1926 - November 4th 2016

His love for the flower bulb business, as well as his vigour and business instincts, form the basis of our companies, and will be a lasting inspiration for those of us that carry on his legacy today, as well as all future generations.

Everyone on the farm in Holland will miss seeing him on his daily rounds at the warehouse, during which he always took a personal interest in catching up with every one of us.

On the day of his funeral, November 10th, our Dutch offices will be closed.

Board and employees of:

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs
C.J. Ruigrok & Zonen
A.D.R. Bulbs, Inc

Simon Ruigrok Sr.

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