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Keukenhof Holland: Official Exhibitor
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Say hello to Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn, three personalities designed to help consumers figure out how bulbs fit into their busy and varied lives. Are you a harried mother with lots of responsibilities but little time? Ask Marcy how she incorporates the kids into her gardening routine. Do you revel in fashion yet revolt at the idea of dirt under your fingernails? Watch Juliana reveal how she uses bulbs as part of her avant-garde approach to home beautification. Is your nest empty and your garden full? Review Evelyn's methods of adding color throughout the seasons
"Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn are here to help women relate to the role of flowering bulbs in their own lives,"There are so many women in their 20s and 30s that have never been exposed to flowering bulbs. They need some place to start."
In addition to the website, consumers can get a glimpse of Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn in their entertaining YouTube videos, on Facebook, Twitter and in print and digital advertisements.

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