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Lilium Oriental 'Hotline' (Ships in Spring)


  • »  Suited for cut flower production (requires 11 weeks)
  • »  Grow best in cool Greenhouses
  • »  Forcing time is based on temperatures of 55-63 degrees
  • »  It is strongly suggest to start the planted bulb in a cool shady place in order to grow roots before sprout action
  • »  3-5 flowers per stem

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Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Color Pink
Detailed Description for Lilium Oriental 'Hotline' (Ships in Spring)

Oriental hybrid lilies are characterized by their immense flowers, at least 6" (15 cm) across. The elegant flowers, with their gracefully re-curved petals, have an intense fragrance and rich colors. Oriental Lilies live for extended periods in the garden and will multiply over the years, if left undisturbed