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Hosta Sieboldiana Blue Angel (Ships in Spring)


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Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Color Green
Detailed Description for Hosta Sieboldiana Blue Angel (Ships in Spring)

Hostas are widely-cultivated ground cover plants, particularly useful in the garden as shade-tolerant plants. Leaf color in wild species is typically green, although some species like Sieboldiana are known for a glaucous waxy leaf coating that gives a blue appearance to the leaf. Popular cultivars include 'Francee' (green leaves with white edges), 'Gold Standard' (yellow leaves with green edges) 'Undulata' (green leaves with white centers), 'June' (blue-green leaves with creamy centers), and 'Sum and Substance' (a huge plant with chartreuse-yellow leaves). Newer, fragrant cultivars such as 'Guacamole' are also popular