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Chris, I speak nothing but the truth.  A.D.R. IS my favorite bulb company and I've never ever had even the smallest problem that A.D.R. hasn't taken care of to my complete satisfaction.

Bonnie Pega , The Great Big Greenhouse

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Eranthis Cilicica 'Winter Aconite'

Winter Buttercup

  • »  Blooms mid-February (before Crocus)

Description Price
10 Retail Packages of 25 Bulbs, Size 4/+ $72.00
Box of 250 Bulbs, Size 4+ $76.00
Tray of 2500 Bulbs, Size 4+ $500.00
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When should I plant Eranthis Cilicica 'Winter Aconite'?
Fall Planting Schedule
Additional Information
Height 3 Inches
Hardiness Zone 2-8
Color Yellow
Detailed Description for Eranthis Cilicica 'Winter Aconite'

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