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Amaryllis Peruvian 'Double King'


  • »  Why use Peruvian Amaryllis Bulbs?
  • »  Can begin shipping the first week in October, ensuring blooms for the holiday season
  • »  Grown in the Inca Valley of the Andes Mountains, this area is largely free of rain, preventing stagonospora
  • »  The sandy soil helps avoid damages at harvesting
  • »  Bulbs are drip irrigated to avoid stagonospora
  • »  Bulbs grow protected under insect net, preventing virus contamination
  • »  Temperature, water, fertilization and light conditions are carefully monitored to optimize growth and bud content
  • »  Positive selection is used before multiplication
  • »  Extensively dried in drying tunnels prior to export

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Growing and Maintenance Tips for Amaryllis Peruvian 'Double King'

Forcing time:  approximately 6 weeks.

Growing temperature: 72 degrees F.

Light intensity: Medium- High

Use: dry sale, Greenhouse cultivation for pots and cut flowers.

Bulb size: 28/30 cm

Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 9-11
Color Red
Detailed Description for Amaryllis Peruvian 'Double King'

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