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Crocus Large Flowering 'Golden Yellow'


Crocus blooms signify the end of winter is near
Naturalize with ease

  • »  Beloved by pollinators
  • »  Excellent for lawns; do not mow for 6 weeks after flowering concludes
  • »  Blooms in Early Spring

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Growing and Maintenance Tips for Crocus Large Flowering 'Golden Yellow'

All Spring flowering bulbs must be planted in the Fall
Soil temperatures must be 55 F or below to ensure proper root development
The optimal planting time is when night-time temperatures hit 40-50 F
The ideal soil pH level for bulbs is between 6 and 7
Most bulbs require a minimum cold frame of 6 weeks to root properly
Cover with oyster shells or shredded leaves after planting to deter rodents

Additional Information
Height 5 Inches
Spread 1-3 Inches
Spacing 2-4 Inches
Hardiness Zone 3-8
Color Yellow
Detailed Description for Crocus Large Flowering 'Golden Yellow'

Storage Tips
Store bulbs in a cool, dry spot with good air circulation and low humidity
Most bulbs can tolerate temperatures between 38 and 70 F
Protect from heat, frost and strong sunlight
Pre-cooled bulbs for the South must be planted immediately

Avoid These Common Pitfalls
Not sure if a bulb is viable? Look for bulbs that are firm to the touch
Bulbs hate "wet feet" - never plant in areas with poor drainage or standing water
Planting when the soil temperature is too warm is the primary cause of stunted blooms
Road salt and de-icing compounds are harmful to bulbs - avoid areas where plowed snow accumulates
Crop rotation is key - don't plant the same type of bulb in the same spot year after year to protect against Rhizoctonia
Don't plant too shallow - it's essential that bulbs are planted at least 3 times their height into the soil
Plant bulbs firmly in the soil with their pointy end up and basal plate down - not all bulbs will right themselves underground
Avoid areas that do not receive at least half a day of sun
Plant away from invasive tree and perennial root systems that can strangle bulb roots & compete for limited water and nutrition