For the past ten years, we've had the good fortune of ordering thousands of bulbs from A.D.R. each fall to help further beautify Newport, RI. Not only is the quality of the bulbs outstanding, so is their customer service and attention to detail.

John Hirschboeck , Daffodillion

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Bulb Augers Bulb Augers

Bulb Augers

Description Price
Model 307 $18.25
Model 324 $37.50
Model 324H $37.50
Model 324HD $68.50
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Color Black
Detailed Description for Bulb Augers Bulb Augers

Model 307 (3"x7") - The 307 planting auger will greatly reduce the time spent planting compared to a garden trowel and works with any 3/8' drill 14V or greater. Made from a 5/8" steel shaft and rugged 10 guage flighting, painted glossy black, and shipped in a convenient box for easy storage when it's not in use. This auger is easily the top seller for homeowners for both bulbs and perennials.

Model 324 (3"x24")
- The 324 is exactly the same as the 307, but is 24" longer rather than 7" and has 12" of flighting. This is a terrific option for the homeowner looking to reduce bending. The auger is not recommended for a professional landscaper as it has a 3/8" drive. For mass plantings, we recommend the 324H.

Model 324H (3"x24") - The 324H is easily the professional landscapers top choice for mass bulb plantings and spring time perennial bedding plants. It is driven with a 1/2" non-slip hex end, and 12" of flighting.