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Amaryllis Israeli 'Emerald Dawn'


These amaryllis are imported from Israel for their high quality, wide array of sizes, colors and fast bloom times.  All bulbs are cultivated under the protection of greenhouses to ensure quality and to protect from disease.  We begin shipping at the beginning of October to ensure that our customers can have ready to bloom amaryllis pots to sell thoughout the holiday season.

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1097 Box of 10 bulbs, Size 28/30, FORCING You must be logged in to view prices or make purchases.

Amaryllis Growing and Maintenance Tips

Forcing time:  approximately 6 weeks.

Growing temperature: 72 degrees F.

Light intensity: Medium- High

Use: dry sale, greenhouse cultivation for pots and cut flowers.

Bulb size: 28/30 cm

Interesting Notes

We supply wholesale amaryllis bulbs direct from Israel
We supply bulk amaryllis bulbs as well as bulbs in retail packages & bin boxes