I’ve been purchasing bulbs from A.D.R. for many years. The quality is superior and the service fantastic. Chris and his family have always been prompt and accommodating. If you need it, Chris can find it! I wouldn’t shop anywhere else! 

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Amaryllis Assorted 'Pre-potted Amaryllis'


Dutch Amaryllis bulbs produce 2 stalks with 4 giant flowers per stem

  • »  Each unit includes 12 pre-potted amaryllis in gift boxes
  • »  These magnificent indoor flowers bloom 8-12 weeks after planting
  • »  Can be planted outdoors in zones 9 and 10
  • »  Plenty of sun, well drained soil and bottom heat are vital to kick start growth
  • »  Blooms in Winter - Early Spring

Description Price
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (Red) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (2 each of Red, White, Red/White, Dark Red, Light Pink, Dark Pink) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (6 Red, 3 White, 3 White/Red) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (6 Dark Red, 3 Light Pink, 3 Dark Pink) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (White) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (Red/White) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (Dark Red) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (Light Pink) $119.88
12 Pots, Size 26/28 (Dark Pink) $119.88
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When should I plant Amaryllis Assorted 'Pre-potted Amaryllis'?
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Growing and Maintenance Tips for Amaryllis Assorted 'Pre-potted Amaryllis'

Plant amaryllis bulbs in a heavy 6-8" pot with well drained soil
1/3rd of the bulb should be above the soil line
Water sparingly until the bulbs produce 2" of growth
Place amaryllis bulbs in a warm, sunny location (70-80 degrees F)
Provide bottom heat to kick start growth
Rotate the pot frequently as amaryllis bulbs will lean towards the light and can topple over

Additional Information
Height 20-25 Inches
Hardiness Zone 9-11
Color Multi-Color
Detailed Description for Amaryllis Assorted 'Pre-potted Amaryllis'

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