Over 100,000 daffodil bulbs have been planted in the City of White Plains since 2014 when White Plains Beautification Foundation started The Daffodil Project. With the expertise of Walter & Chris Ruigrok from A.D.R. Bulbs our public spaces have dazzled with daffodils. A.D.R. offers a wonderful range of choices and excellent quality bulbs at competitive pricing, and supported by excellent customer service. WPBF values its long-standing relationship with A.D.R. Bulbs.

Joanna Daddario , White Plains Beautification Foundation

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Allium Tall 'Purple Sensation'

Ornamental Onion

Allium bulbs are splendid for naturalizing if planted in rich, well drained soil
Scent keeps deer, rodents & rabbits at a distance
Beloved by bees, butterflies & pollinators

  • »  Ideal for mass plantings as cost effective, uniquely shaped alternatives to their Giant cousins
  • »  Blooms in Late Spring - Early Summer

Description Price
Bin Display Box of 100 Bulbs, Size 12+ $44.00
Bulk Tray of 500 Bulbs, Size 12+ $190.00
Skid of 10,000 Bulbs, Size 12+ $3,600.00
Skid of 20,000 Bulbs, Size 12+ $6,800.00
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When should I plant Allium Tall 'Purple Sensation'?
Fall Planting Schedule
Growing and Maintenance Tips for Allium Tall 'Purple Sensation'

All wholesale Spring flowering bulbs must be planted in the Fall
Soil temperatures must be 55 F or below to ensure proper root development
The optimal planting time is when night-time temperatures are 40-50 F
The ideal soil pH level for flower bulbs is between 6 and 7
Most flower bulbs require a minimum cold frame of 6 weeks to root properly

Additional Information
Height 36 Inches
Spread 2-4 Inches
Spacing 6-8 Inches
Hardiness Zone 4-7
Color Purple
Detailed Description for Allium Tall 'Purple Sensation'

Storage Tips
Store flower bulbs in a cool, dry spot with good air circulation and low humidity
Most flower bulbs can tolerate temperatures between 38 and 70 F
Protect from heat, frost and strong sunlight
Pre-cooled flower bulbs for the South must be planted immediately

Avoid These Common Pitfalls
Not sure if a flower bulb is viable? Look for flower bulbs that are firm to the touch
Flower bulbs hate "wet feet" - never plant in areas with poor drainage or standing water
Planting when the soil temperature is too warm is the primary cause of stunted blooms
Road salt and de-icing compounds are harmful to flower bulbs - avoid areas where plowed snow accumulates
Crop rotation is key - don't plant the same type of flower bulb in the same spot year after year to protect against Rhizoctonia
Don't plant too shallow - it's essential that flower bulbs are planted at least 3 times their height into the soil
Plant flower bulbs firmly in the soil with their pointy end up and basal plate down - not all flower bulbs will right themselves underground
Avoid areas that do not receive at least half a day of sun
Plant bulbs away from invasive tree and perennial root systems that can strangle flower bulb roots & compete for limited water and nutrition

Wholesale Only Flower Bulbs Direct From Our Family Farms in Holland

A.D.R. Bulbs supplies wholesale allium flower bulbs, specializing in bulk alliums for landscape professionals & retail packaged allium bulbs for garden centers
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