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Allium giant 'Ambassador'

Ornamental Onion

  • »  Splendid for naturalizing if planted in well drained soil
  • »  Scent keeps rodents & deer at a distance
  • »  Combine well with perennials

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Growing and Maintenance Tips for Allium giant 'Ambassador'

Late flowering (May - June)
Planting Depth: 5" (12.5cm) Spacing: 4-5" (10-12.5cm)
Bloom Duration: 3 weeks

Additional Information
Height 40 Inches
Spread 6-8 Inches
Hardiness Zone 4-7
Color Purple
Detailed Description for Allium giant 'Ambassador'

Allium bulbs, otherwise known as ornamental onions form a wide range of flowers, varying from the huge Allium Globemaster to the low growing Allium Ostrowskianum

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